Keolis MHI Celebrates Emirati Woman's Day Championing Women's Careers in the Rail Sector.

4th September 2023

Dubai, UAE – August 28, 2023 - Keolis MHI, a global leader in public transportation services, celebrated the Emirati Woman's Day with an inspiring event that highlighted the company’s commitment to diversity and empowerment. 

This year's celebration holds a special significance as it coincides with the company's distinguished honor bestowed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, on March 27, 2023. Keolis MHI was recognized for its exceptional achievement in winning the inaugural "Nafis Award – 2022”. 

The event centered around the theme "We Collaborate for Tomorrow", aligning with the "Year of Sustainability" initiative. Esteemed speakers participated in the event, including: Dr. Radhiya Al Hashimi, Director of the Government Accelerator and Policy Impact Department at the Prime Minister's Office; Dr. Maryam Al Mansoori, Medical Director at Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services; Ms. Maryam bin Ghalita, Head of Innovation at the Dubai Civil Defence - Ministry of Interior; Ms. Raisa Al Falasi, Board Member of Dubai Club for People of Determination; and Ms. Amal Abdullateef, Human Capital Director at Keolis - MHI. The event also saw the presence of VIP guests, employees, and management from Keolis MHI. 

Wallace Weatherill, Managing Director of Keolis MHI, emphasized, “Our dedication to women empowerment remains resolute. Events like these not only highlight our commitment to celebrating the accomplishments of women but also act as a source of motivation, inspiring us to continue advancing our journey of diversity and inclusion. As an organization, we are unwaveringly committed to growth, reflection, and innovation." 

Amal Abdullateef, HR Director of Keolis MHI, underscored the company's commitment to Emiratization with a specific focus on promoting women's careers in the Rail Sector: “We are proud to uphold the UAE's agenda for Emiratization and women's empowerment. The Nafis Award win demonstrates our excellence in Emiratization. Additionally, as a GEEIS certified company (Gender Equality European and International Standard) since 2022 and a recipient of the Keolis Global Feminization Award in 2022, we have Emarati women contributing across all spheres, from technical and support roles to managerial positions. We are particularly pleased to highlight the promotion of 42 UAE Emirati women since taking over."  

Empowering Voices from Within: Emirati Women at Keolis MHI  

Bushra Almulla, Operations and Maintenance Interface Manager, shared, "My journey with Keolis MHI has been nothing short of remarkable. On this Emirati Woman's Day, I reflect on my progression within Keolis-MHI, from a station master to my current leadership role. The ever-evolving Rail industry in the region keeps me excited about furthering my career in this sector." 

Mariam Almarzooqi, Technician Apprentice, expressed, "Joining Keolis MHI in 2021 marked the beginning of my career following graduation as an Engineer. Through the Technician Apprentice Program, I delved into Rail Engineering, exploring power distribution and automation. I really appreciate the opportunity that Keolis-MHI has given me to gain deeper insights into the sector within an environment that thrives on diversity and empowerment. I aspire to inspire fellow Emirati youth to join the Rail Sector." 

Iman Alshamsi, Customer Service Agent, enthusiastically expressed, "Embarking on my career journey at Keolis-MHI fills me with immense excitement. As a person of determination, I've been provided with tailored support to ensure my accomplishments. I am currently following a dedicated personal development plan aimed at attaining the role of a Passenger Ambassador, and I eagerly anticipate achieving this goal and validating its success. The focus on nurturing personal and professional growth empowers me to thrive within an environment that values and recognizes the distinctive contributions each person brings."  

Fajer Al Hammadi, HR Associate "Looking ahead, Keolis MHI remains dedicated to fostering an environment that empowers women and embraces diversity. Through its initiatives, policies, and accolades, the company remain committed to driving positive transformation within the transport sector and beyond.