Elevating Staff Transportation: Keolis MHI's Innovative Collaboration with STS to provide transport

28th November 2023

Elevating Staff Transportation: Keolis MHI's Innovative Collaboration with STS to provide Safe transportation for its 1,200 Employees 

Keolis MHI announces its latest collaboration with STS Group, largest provider of bus transportation fleet in the region under private transport category, to elevate the quality and safety of its staff transportation services. The new transport contract brings with it a range of innovative features and timely services aimed at providing a secure and efficient commuting experience for its 1,200 staff. 

The partnership includes the procurement of 31 brand-new buses, consisting of 17 medium-sized (22pax) buses and 14 large-sized (25pax) buses, exclusively dedicated to servicing Keolis MHI’s 24/7 and 365 days operations. 

Wallace Weatherill, Managing Director of Keolis MHI said: “At Keolis MHI, the safety and well-being of our staff have always been a priority. We firmly believe that every member of our team deserves to work in an environment where their health and safety are diligently protected. Our commitment to safety goes beyond mere compliance; it is a core value for us, We Care, and it defines our organizational culture and guides our daily operations. 

Wallace explained: “The introduction of the new STS fleet, aligns with our safety standards. It ensures that our employees' journeys to and from work are as secure as their work environments. We recognize that a safe and reliable commute contributes to our staff's overall quality of life, productivity, and job satisfaction. This initiative reflects our continuous pursuit of excellence, where safety and service are integrated to create a safer and more fulfilling workplace for all our staff members. 

In our relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to staff safety and satisfaction, Keolis MHI’s facilities operations has been working diligently behind the scenes. Investing extensive effort into conducting thorough research and benchmarking analyses of various transportation services to ensure that we maintain the highest standards for our staff.  

This meticulous aided in identifying best practices, innovative safety measures, and efficiency enhancements that we are integrating into the STS service. These are;

  • GPS Tracking: The entire fleet will be equipped with cutting-edge GPS tracking systems to ensure accurate and real-time location monitoring. 

  • CCTV Monitoring: Interior CCTV cameras will be installed in all buses, enhancing security and passenger safety. 

  • FAM Camera: An advanced FAM camera system will be in place to closely monitor driver behaviour and promptly identify any risky driving habits, prioritizing safety above all else. 

  • Speed Limiter: All buses will be fitted with speed limiters set at 100 kilometres per hour, ensuring safe and controlled travel. 

  • Real-time Communication: Each bus will be seamlessly connected to STS OCC (Operational Control Centre), allowing for immediate intervention in the event of unexpected incidents. 

  • Emergency Alert Button: For enhanced passenger safety, an emergency alert button will be positioned on the dashboard of every bus, enabling rapid communication of emergency situations to STS OCC, complete with detailed bus and driver information. 

  • Passenger Information System: The buses will feature state-of-the-art systems designed to relay important information and announcements to passengers during their journey, providing a convenient and informative commuting experience. 

Steve Burnell, Managing Director of STS Group “STS Group is proud to have been selected by Keolis-MHI as a safe and time-critical supplier for their staff transportation requirements. Our strength lies in maintaining a reliable fleet, employing a skilled workforce, and efficiently managing complex route administration for large-scale operations. As a trusted GCC transport provider, we are dedicated to delivering a Safe, Timely, Smart passenger experience while championing customer-focused health and safety standards across the communities we serve”. 

The commencement of this partnership is scheduled for December 7th, 2023, and we eagerly anticipate the substantial positive impact it is poised to have on our staff transportation.