Suppliers zone


Suppliers play a major role in the quality and level of service Keolis MHI provides to passengers and local transport authorities. Keolis MHI’s approach to purchasing is ambitious and rigorous: the procurement teams implement a comprehensive policy across the networks, helping improve the competitiveness of Keolis MHI. 

Suppliers zone


The Purchasing Department oversees the quality and competitiveness of products and/or services purchased. Dedicated teams ensure constant compliance with key principles:

  • Compliance with current national and international regulations and laws.

  • Competitive bids to guarantee fairness, integrity, and the absence of conflicts of interest.

  • Pursuit of economic performance according to a “total cost” logic.

  • Concerted action between the prescriber, the buyer, and the supplier.

  • Confidentiality and treatment of sensitive information.


Keolis’ purchasing policy forms a major component of our environmental responsibility approach.

The sustainable, socially responsible purchasing policy focuses on three main areas:

  • Solidarity-based economy and local integration
    Keolis MHI is firmly anchored in the communities where it operates networks, and contributes to local economic development by selecting local suppliers.

  • Environment and safety
    Purchasing plays an important part in Keolis MHI’ environmental commitments, it also helps manage human and material safety risks, and contributes to the protection of data and expertise.

  • Supplier relationship
    Keolis MHI's supplier policy integrates a “total cost” approach, ensures transparent relations and equal treatment of suppliers, and reduces the risk of mutual dependence.


Keolis MHI has equipped itself with a common tool for managing "order - reception - invoicing" flows. Your invoices and credit notes must therefore comply with certain instructions in order to be handled efficiently and paid promptly:

  1. Legal notices which must appear on invoices and credit notes

  2. Specific rules related to the receipt of an order

  3. Recommendations for the format of documents

  4. Methods for sending invoices and credit notes

  5. Method for sending invoice reminders

  6. Payment conditions 

Failure to follow these instructions will interrupt the process and delay the payment of your invoices and credit notes.

All prospective vendors must pre-qualify and enquires sent to