Christelle VILLADARY

Group Chief Financial Officer

Christelle Villadary, Group Chief Financial Officer

Christelle Villadary is a graduate of ESSEC and began her career in auditing and consulting at Arthur Andersen in 1997.

From 2002 to 2010, Christelle was at Technicolor (formerly Thomson Multimedia), as Investor Relations Manager, then Corporate Finance Manager, then Chief of Staff to the Chairman and CEO before taking charge of a programme to reorganise and transform financial processes and tools, reporting to the Group CFO.

In 2010, Christelle joined SUEZ Group where she held a number of positions, first as Secretary of the Group Investment Committee, then as CFO for Africa, Middle East and India, and then as Director of M&A and Financial Engineering. In 2017, she was appointed Vice President M&A/Strategy and a member of the Executive Committee.

Christelle Villadary was Chief Financial Officer of Quadient, a company listed on the SBF 120 stock market index, until March 2021. She was appointed Group Chief Financial Officer of Keolis on 19 April 2021. As a member of the Executive Committee, Christelle Villadary manages Keolis' financial performance as well as legal affairs and insurance, internal audit, M&A and real estate activities.

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