Our Corporate Purpose

"We enhance everyday life in cities and communities by imagining and operating safe, smart and sustainable mobility solutions accessible to each and everyone."

Our Corporate Purpose lays out the Group's unique vision of mobility solutions:

  • innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for more responsible transport services

  • shared and inclusive mobility solutions for every moment in life

  • mobility solutions that bring cities and communities closer together and boost local vitality

  • reliable multimodal mobility solutions offering complementarity and interconnectivity

Our values

We Imagine, We Care, We Commit

Our values underpin the work of our 68,000 employees on a daily basis and constitute the backbone which structures the Group across its worldwide footprint.

We Imagine

Imagining means:

Developing the most pertinent shared mobility services for any given city or region thanks to a customised solution meeting the community's specific issues, requirements and financial considerations.

Innovating constantly to develop efficient and appealing multimodal public transport solutions.

Providing a safe, efficient, pleasant and seamless experience for all passengers.

We Care

Caring means:

Thinking like a passenger when developing our solutions and services.

Listening to public transport authorities and forming relationships built on trust so we can work together over the long term.

Respecting every employee, making their commitment meaningful and being mindful of their well-being.

We Commit

Committing means:

Honouring our contractual commitments to public transport authorities in guaranteeing safety, service quality, operational reliability.

Under all circumstances, being an exemplary stakeholder in the development of sustainable mobility in the cities and regions in which we operate.

A future in which Keolis reinvents mobility solutions

Keolis is taking action today to create the mobility solutions of tomorrow.

We see them as:

Clean and sustainable to meet the challenges of the climate emergency and public health issues. By integrating alternative energy solutions in our fleets, adapting infrastructures and introducing more environmentally-friendly modes of transport, we help cities and regions in achieving their environmental and energy transition ambitions.

Flexible, innovative and ever more multimodal, our mobility solutions offer a range of customised services including familiar modes of transport like bus, tram and metro, and innovative modes and services including autonomous electric shuttles, real-time on-demand transport, carpooling and self-service bicycle schemes

Connected and agile, to meet people's new transport habits. Digitalisation and data will enable us to offer services that constantly adapt to the passenger and their environment, allowing for even more fluid journeys.

More accessible and more inclusive, leaving nobody out, especially outside towns and cities. Tomorrow's mobility solutions must also be provided at the lowest possible cost, to address financial considerations exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Safe and secure, always focusing on our "zero accident" target and protecting passengers' health and safety.

Four commitments to realise our vision and take concrete action

Keolis in action

Through its Keolis Way transformation programme, the Group has made four commitments that will deliver the full potential of its corporate purpose

Commitment n°1: Help to build appealing and sustainable communities

Through solutions adapted to the needs of each community, we enhance their vitality and appeal. We help create local jobs, make everyday life easier for residents and businesses and strengthen the social fabric of the community.

Commitment n°2: Act responsibly for the planet

We are helping combat climate change by offering sustainable mobility solutions and introducing environmentally-friendly vehicles in our fleets. We are helping to drive the energy transition, preserve natural resources and protect the environment.

Commitment n°3: Become a trusted partner for our PTA partners

Our PTA partnerships are built on discussion, transparency and co-design and we work tirelessly to honour our commitments. In doing so, we have become a key partner for public transport authorities around the world.

Commitment n°4: Be "The best place to work" in the mobility sector

Health, safety and well-being in the workplace are our priority. We encourage diversity and inclusion and we are careful to create the right conditions for our employees to achieve professional fulfilment. We help them prepare for their future by developing their skills and readying them for the jobs of tomorrow.