Jean-Christophe COMBE

Director of Marketing, Innovation, Sustainable Development and Engagement

Jean-Christophe Combe is a graduate of the Institut d'√Čtudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po).

He began his career at the French Senate in 2003, before joining Deloitte in 2007, where he was appointed Auditing and Public Sector Associate. From 2008 to 2011, he held successive positions in local authorities, before joining the French Red Cross in April 2011.

Appointed Chief Executive Officer of the French Red Cross in 2016, Jean-Christophe Combe had previously held other roles within the organisation, successively supervising engagement and associative life, then operational management. He was also an active member of the International Federation of Red Cross Societies.

In July 2022 he was appointed Minister for Solidarity, Autonomy and People with Disabilities, a post he held until July 2023.

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